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The strikingly talented actress, Laura Elizabeth Harris was born on November 20, 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Both of her parents were public school teachers who encouraged their daughter’s ambition to become an actress. Laura Harris started acting when she was only five years old. She appeared in radio dramas and animated series which further ignited her passion to build a career for herself in acting. Harris is multilingual and proficient in Spanish and French respectively.

She attended an all-girl private Catholic school named, Crofton House School in Vancouver, British Columbia and attained her college degree through UC correspondence. During her time in Vancouver, she managed to get a job as a waitress, while she was working to make a name for herself as an actress.

She started her career in Vancouver when for roughly around fourteen years, she was mostly known for her appearances on television. One of her first few appearances included working in the television series titled, “Hillside” in which she starred opposite to Enuka Okuma. She has also lent her voice to the children’s television show titled, “My Little Pony Tales”. This started a long chain of television shows such as, “The Dead Zone”, “The X-Files”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Defying Gravity” in which she worked with Eyal Podell and “Jake 2.0” in which she appeared with Philip Anthony Rodriquez.

She is prominently known for her role the television series, “Dead Like Me” where she played the role of Daisy Adair. According to Harris, she spent an enormous amount of time studying and analyzing Norma Desmond movies in order to prepare for her performances as Dairy Adair. Laura Harris is also known for her performance in the spy drama series, “24” where she played the role of Marie Warner who is a murderess. Harris has allegedly reported to have claimed to listen to Eminem in order to prepare herself to act in the role of Marie Warner. Another role which she is known for includes her work in the television series, “Women’s Murder Club” in which she worked with Ever Carradine.

After working in television for so long, Harris decided to make a transition into movies and subsequently in 1992 she made her debut with the movie titled, “Stay Tuned”. This started her career as a mainstream commercial movie actress and soon she was appearing in movies like “A Kidnapping in the Family” in which she starred opposite to Xander Berkeley, “Suicide Kings” in which she starred next to Louis Lombardi and “The Faculty”. Some of her more recent movies include, “Deadweight” released in 2012 and “Preggoland” released in 2014

Laura Harris collaborated with her close friend Jeff Macpherson and the two founded a production company named, “Rocket Chicken International Productions” in 2000. The first combined effort was the independent movie, titled “Come Together” in which Harris appeared in a lead role. Macpherson had written the script especially keeping Harris in mind and the movie marked her as a producer however the company soon ceased to be functional. In 2003, she appeared on the issue of “In Style” magazine for the month of February.

Apart from acting, she has done voice overs for television shows such as, “The New Adventure of Beany and Cecil, “Darkstalkers” and “Underworld: Endless War”. She also recently did a voice over for “Astonishing X- Men: Unstoppable” as Kitty Pryde in 2012.

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