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Recognized for roles in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, A Thief of Time, Coyote Waits, Arctic Air, Flags of Our Fathers, Joe Dirt, and Windtalkers – Adam Beach is a Canadian actor, born on November 11, 1972. Beach performed in several television programs, stage plays and films. His career’s history is fruitful enough and has helped him survive through the deaths of his loved ones.

At the age of eight, his mother died from a car accident. Soon after this, Beach’s father, stricken to grievances in the family, also died by drowning. It is still unsure whether it was suicide or an accident. Then for five years, he lived at his grandmother’s house with his brothers. The trio of brothers were shifted to Winnipeg to live with their uncle and aunt. Beach calls one of his uncles “dad”.

In all this Beach attended Gordon Bell High School for a drama course. To fulfill his early acting aspirations, he performed in community theatre plays doing small roles. Soon he quit school and took the opportunity to perform at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

Eventually, at the age of eighteen, Beach was groomed enough to take challenging yet small roles, such as in Lost in the Barrens miniseries based on the novel by Farley Mowat. In the subsequent years, he continued doing theatre and guest appearances in TV shows like Touched by an Angel, and Walker, Texas Ranger. Shortly after this, Adam attained a regular position on the shows, The Rez, and North of 60. His performance after Dance Me Outside, in Smoke Signals, led him to be nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival. After this milestone, he took a minute role in Mystery, Alaska in 1999 and a year later, Beach did a thriller called The Last Stop. A year after this he appeared in The Art of Woo and then in Joe Dirt. In 2002, the actor invested more than five months in learning the Navajo Language. Then he used his skills to do another venture by Chris Eyre, named Skinwalkers. Eyre led Beach to his breakout character in Smoke Signals. Between the major projects, he took small roles in television shows as well to maintain his foot in this medium with shows like Third Watch, and JAG.

Then in 2006, his life was struck by another heart-rending news. During his role as Ira Hayes in Flags of Our Fathers, a feature film by Clint Eastwood; his best friend and grandmother died. Adding up to all emotions, the film was nominated twice in Academy Awards for best supporting roles. He then did more film projects of different genres, and became a versatile actor. He also worked with HBO, and starred in Canadian TV series, Moose TV. Soon enough, Beach not only acted in films and shows but also co-produced them.

In 2011, he starred next to Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in an American film of science fiction genre, titled Cowboys and Aliens. The movie was directed by Jon Favreau.

Regarding his personal life, Beach has been married two times and has three children, two with the first wife, one with his girlfriend and none with his second wife. Later, he was seen with his co-star from Arctic Air, Leah Gibson, who were attracted to each other on the set of the film.

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