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Pick out any person at random and he/she will never say that they have got ‘no time’ to listen to Burton Cummings because, Cummings’ work is not just music –it’s magic. There are few singers that could reverberate with the taste of the newer generation. There are few singers that could maintain their top notch work for a long time. One of such singer is Burton Cummings who has also carried the weight of the band, The Guess Who, as a front man on his shoulders. Cummings is one of the Canadian gems. He has named a lot of awards and other honors. He is rocking Canada with his impeccable songwriting. Cumming had sung the songs belonging to different genres. He is multitalented and does know, what he is doing, the best. It won’t be wrong to say that Canada has not found a parallel to Cummings just yet.

Cumming was born on December 31, 1947 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Cummings had liking towards music from a very young age. After completed his high school graduation from St. John’s High School, Cummings joined the local band, The Deverons, which was an R&B group. Cummings had successfully released two singles in the collaboration with the band. Luckily, the studio, where Cummings and his band used to record songs, was also used by the infamous band, The Guess Who. Cummings initially replaced the keyboardist, and later on replaced the lead singer, Chad Allan.

By the time Cummings joined The Guess Who, the band had not reached the highest level of success. Indeed, The Guess Who was a hardworking band but still it needed booze and the Nature gave that booze in form of Cummings. The band, in 1969, released an international hit, These Eyes, which was co-written by Cummings. Two more songs, These Eyes and Laughing, co-written by Cummings were massive hits. The band was finally climbing up the ladder of success. However, Cummings and his band mate, who also co-wrote the songs, Randy Bachman had a riff which resulted in Bachman leaving the band and Cummings becoming the leader of the band.

After becoming the leader of the band, Cummings worked harder to take the band at higher levels. The band released major hits like, American Woman, Share the Land, No Time, Hang on to your Life, Albert Flasher, Sour Suite, Orly, Glamour Boy, Star Baby, Clap for the Wolfman, Dancin’ Fool among others. All of these songs were either fully written or co-written by Cummings. What more achievement can one have that by 1070, the band has sold more albums than the whole Canadian music industry combined. After such achievement one cannot deny that Cummings and the band did deserve awards and honors to their name.

After being associated with the band for over a decade, Cummings left the band and focused on his solo career. Cummings solo album also became instant hits. The album’s songs, I’m Scared, My Own Way to Rock, I will Play a Rhapsody, Timeless Love, Break it to them Gently, among others. Cummings is one of the most celebrated rock artist in Canadian music history.

He is a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, Canadians Music Industry Hall of Fame, Canadian Walk of Fame, Prairie Music Hall of Fame, five JUNO Award winner, recipient of the Order of Canada, the Order of Manitoba, the Governor-General’s Performance Arts Award, and several Broadcast Music Industry Awards for over 1 million air plays of his songs. He also has a community centre and a performing art theatre named after him.

In the year 2012, Burton Cummings released his live solo album. In 2013, he toured the sold out audiences across Canada and United States. Cummings is the rock star of the world in all its true sense.


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