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Devon Edward Sawa was born on September 7, 1978 to Joyce and Edward Sawa, in Vancouver, British Colombia. Sawa displayed a passion and flair for acting since he took part in a school play when he was in Kindergarten.

Devon Sawa’s career officially started when in 1992 he became a spokesperson for a children’s action figure toy company. Following that, he was offered a role in the television show, “Kerrisdale High” in which all the actors went by with their real names. Unfortunately the show was cancelled after its first season. Another one of his projects in 1992 included a role as Yudo in the television show, “The Odyssey”. His big break finally came when he landed a role in the movie, “Casper” in which he played Casper when he was a little boy. Despite the fact that he only had a five minute part on screen, it proved to be his biggest role up till now.

He went to on make a name for himself in the entertainment business with the movie “Little Giants” which was shot during the time “Casper” was being released. In “Little Giants”, Sawa played the part of a quarterback named Junior Floyd. His next movie was in 1995 titled, “Now and Then” in which he played the role of a bully named Scott Wormer. He starred against Christiana Ricci with whom he had worked on the set of “Casper” and shared his second on screen kiss with her.

During his teenage years, Sawa was regarded to be a teen heartthrob amongst his fans and was also asked to appear on the cover of several magazines including, “Teen Beat” and “Bop”.

Sawa continued working and he finally got the chance to work as a lead in a mainstream commercial movie titled, “Idle Hands” in 1999. The movie was a horror comedy which took inspiration from the series of Scream movies. Unfortunately for Sawa, the movie was released just before the tragedy of the Columbine High School and as a result proved to be unpopular with the audiences who avoided it given the circumstances. Things improved a little for him when he was offered a role in the movie, “Final Destination” in 2000 in which he played the role of a high school student who has to cheat death in order to avoid a gruesome death before his time.

In 2000, Sawa was offered to appear in the music video, “Stan” by Eminem in which he plays the role of Stan starring next to Dido, which increased his popularity amongst the audiences. He also did a voiceover for the movie, “Spider-Man: The New Animated Series” for the role of Flash Thompson. Devon Sawa continued to act over the years in both independent and commercial movies some of which includes, “Slackers” in 2002, “Extreme Dating” in 2005, and “Creature of Darkness” in 2009 amongst others.

However upon turning 25 Sawa left the entertainment industry to pursue other things in life. He returned back in 2010 and accepted to work as Owen Elliott in the action television series, “Nikita” in which he was made a regular in 2012. He made his transition from being just an actor to also producing and directing his own movies. In his personal life, he is married to Dawni Sahanovitch and the couple has one son named Hudson, who was born in January 2014.

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