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What greater an achievement could be than your name –your identity –being engraved on a five sided polygon –Canada’s Walk of Fame! That is where Jann Arden has reached through sheer hard work and dedication. Arden is an eloquent singer, moving lyricist, magnificent entertainer, and a witty author. It’s flabbergasting how Jann Arden has managed to achieve everything in her life but such achievements was no child’s play and Jann Arden has ridden the roller coaster throughout her life.

Jann Arden started her career by making covers of the hit songs. She tried launching her solo career but her addiction held her back. However, in 1993, Jann Arden released her first album, Time for Mercy, of which I’d Die For You became instant hit. From then on there was no way back for this talented singer. After a year later, she released, Living Under June, and proved to the music world that she’s ‘one of the chosen few’ through her record breaking single, Insensitive.

Till date Jann Arden has released 12 music albums all of which have received world wide acclaim. Her latest album, Everything Almost, was released in 2014. For this album Jann has collaborated with Bob Rock who is best known for producing the likes of Metallica, Aerosmith, AC/DC  and Bon Jovi –to name a few! On George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, Jann spoke of her experience while working with Bob Rocks and is quoted to have said, ‘We had a lot of fun but it was very nerve wrecking and I, you know, if it was easy I guess everyone would be doing but he really challenged everything about [it] and even singing wise he says let’s bring up the key.’ That shows how much Jann is committed to her singing and she will do all the hard work required to bring the best music out. Jann was equally respectful of Rocks and thought herself to be quite fortunate to work with him who is infamous for producing the best bands in the world.

With her determination Jann has bagged 8 Juno Awards including Female Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the year. She has also received 10 SOCAN Awards, 4 Western Canadian Music Awards, a Much Music Video Award, 3 Prairie Music Awards and an Alberta Recording Industry Association Award.

Jann Arden is a great songwriter as well. In an interview on Global’s Morning Show she said that she loves the process of writing songs and that is the reason she has stayed this long –22 years –in music. She also revealed that she writes songs in about an hour. She writes from her heart and about the relationships she sees in her surroundings. Jann also admitted that she enjoys writing and recording more than performing in front of the audience.

Jann Arden is witty and funny. She knows how to engage her audience. Even after being so successful Jann has always been humble. On an interview she once said, ‘If I am singing and I am 80 then please get a hook and pull me off the stage.’ That’s how humble and funny Jann is during her interviews. Recently, Jann also fought against her anxiety but she’s back in track now. Jann also has few books to her name. She has written, If I knew, Don’t You Think I’d Tell You and I’ll Tell You One Damn Thing, That’s All I know and her memoir, Falling Backwards.

A singer, songwriter, former restaurant owner, author, philanthropist, and an animal lover Jann does know how to artistically juggle everything she has in her hands.

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