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The charismatic and talented actress, Jessica Steen was born on December 19, 1965 in Toronto, Ontario to Joanna Noyes and Jan Steen. Her acting career started when she was only eight years old when she was offered to appear in the children’s television series, “The Sunrunners” in which she acted with her mother, who herself was an actress.

Following in 1986, she was offered to appear in the television movie, titled “Young Again” where she played the role of Tracy Gordon. A year later, in 1987 she was amongst the only female regular to appear on the syndicated series, “Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future”. Her popularity soared after her performance for the show, garnering her huge fan following as well as critical acclamation. For the episode, “Judgement”, she earned herself a nomination at the Gemini Awards for the “Best Performance by a Lead Actress” award in 1988.

Jessica Steen’s debut in the movie industry came in 1989 when she was offered to star in the movie musical titled, “Sing”. During her time in Toronto, her work was mostly featured around Canadian television series and television movies. In 1991, she decided to relocate to New York and it was only six weeks after her arrival in the city that she was offered to appear in the drama, “Loving” as a replacement for an actress who was on maternity leave. She portrayed the character of Patricia Alden and her performance was so stunning that she got noticed by the casting department of ABC and was subsequently asked to become the a part of the cast for the series, “Homefront”. Showcasing life of the suburbs in the aftermath of the World War II, “Homefront” earned itself vast critical acclamation and Steen’s performance was especially appreciated which bolstered her acting career.

Soon in 1994, she became the part of the television series, “Earth 2” where she played the role of Dr. Julia Heller but unfortunately the show was taken off air in 1995. However Steen’s performance again brought her offers to appear as a guest star in many television series such as, “The Outer Limits”, “The Practice”, “Touched by an Angel”, “Murder One”, “ER” and “Due South”. In 1994, she earned Gemini Award for “Best Actress” for the television movie, “Small Gifts” in which she played the role of Nora.

In 1997, she appeared in the movie, “Trial & Error” where she portrayed the role of Elizabeth Garner and worked alongside Jeff Daniels and Michael Richards. Since she was playing the role of a District Attorney, she observed her friend who was studying to become a lawyer. Her performance was a success amongst critics and even garnered a positive review from Roger Ebert.

She was recommended by Jerry Bruckheimer for a part in the movie, “Armageddon” based on her performance in Captain Power series. In 2004, she appeared in the finale of “Stargate SG-1” as Dr. Elizabeth Weir. She has also appeared in lead roles in the Disney television movies, “Smart House” and “Principal Takes a Holiday”.

From 2004 to 2007, she had a recurring part on the drama series, “NCIS” as Special Agent Paula Cassidy and in 2009; she appeared in several episodes of the television drama, “Flashpoint” and earned herself a nomination at the Gemini Awards in 2010.

In her personal life Jessica Steen is a keen supporter of animal rights and a strong environmentalist and supports “The World Society for Protection of Animals” among other groups and committees.

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