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Long blonde hair, sleek figure, charming smile, and colossal talent –that’s Pamela Anderson. Anderson is associated with acting and modeling for over two decades. She has got enormous success in her career. Anderson started her career as a model. She started her career in modeling by appearing in the ad of a local beer. Through persistence and grit, she named fame and success for herself.

Pamela Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia on July 1, 1967. She attended Highland Secondary School in Comox, British Columbia and graduated from the school in 1985. In 1988, Anderson moved to Vancouver and worked as a fitness instructor.  In 1989, during a pro-football game, a cameraman’s lens discovered Anderson. Among the crowd were execs of the brewing company, Labatt beer, too. Anderson was hired by them to start modeling for the beer. Anderson had found her stepping stone. After her modeling break, Anderson appeared on the covers of Playboy. This venture gave Anderson immense popularity and fame.

Anderson had been lucky in her career and she landed a role in television as well. Her first role on television was on the hit T.V. sitcom, Home Improvement, where she played the role of ‘Tool Time’ girl. After two years of working on Home Improvement, Anderson quit the show. She was casted in the Baywatch, a program which shows the life of the coastguards. The show became a big hit and Anderson then became a household name. Anderson tried her luck on big screen as well. But the films in which she was starred didn’t grab much praise. However, Anderson continued modeling and was appreciated and liked by a large number of fans.

Anderson has also made various appearances on the reality shows. In 1995, Anderson appeared on World’s Wrestling Federation (WWF) Royal Rumble, where she promised to accompany the winner of Royal Rumble in Wrestlemania. However, Anderson turned out to escort Diesel in Wrestlemania instead of Royal Rumble’s winner, Shawn Michaels. She also appeared in several skits produced in the promotion of Anderson’s appearance in WWF.

Anderson also appeared on Australia’s Big Brother, for three days. She also appeared on Indian version of Big Brother, Bigg Boss, for a three day visit. She appeared on UK’s version of Big Brother as well. Anderson has also competed, twice, in Dancing with the Stars, in Season 10 and Season 15. Each time she was eliminated before the finals. She also participated in eighth season of Dancing on Ice and paired with the former winner of the show, Matt Evers.

Apart from her showbiz work, Anderson is actively involved in speaking for the animal rights. She protested, on a large scale, against the sale of fur. She is an active member of PETA and in 1999, she has received the fist Linda McCartney Award for animal rights protector. Anderson supported PETA’s campaign against KFC, for torturing millions of chicken each year. She has also raised voiced against the annual slaughtering of the seal. She also joined in the protest against the fruit-juice maker POM. The ‘POM-Horrible Campaign’ gave the positive result and the company halted the animal testing. In 2005, she became the spokesperson of the cosmetic company, MAC, for MAC’s AIDS fund to help the people suffering from AIDS and HIV.

Anderson has not only been in the limelight because of her career and activism. Her personal life has also been highlighted in the media a lot. In 2014, Anderson has been reported to tell about the sexual abuse she had gone through as a child. Anderson has been married thrice but all her marriages have ended in a divorce. Pamela Anderson is a mother to two young boys from her spouse Tommy Lee.

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