Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

Started her career portraying the role of the meanest girl in Tina Fey’s Mean Girl, Rachel McAdams is actually completely opposite of her character. McAdams is humble actress of the Hollywood. She possessed beautiful face and enchanting smile. McAdams is very talented actress and she sprinkles life in the characters she portrays. The actress had once humbly said, ‘I try to only do things that are interesting to me. Because if you don’t have the passion for the subject matter, or the person, or whatever their struggle is, it sort [of] inevitable falls flat, and if you don’t care, nobody else will’. McAdams interest in the character she portrays is perfectly seen onscreen and probably that’s the reason why the audience fell in love with every character that she plays. Her flawless acting has inducted her in Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Rachel McAdams was born on November 17, 1978. She found her love for acting at the age of 12. She joined various acting camps as a child and worked in the school productions too. In the college, McAdams enrolled in four-year theatre program and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art. In the year 2001, McAdams made her first Television debut by appearing as Beth Swanson on MTV’s pilot Shotgun Love Dolls. The same year she made her debut in the Canadian film, titled, My Name is Tanino. The film was comedy and McAdams was able to showcase her talent and skills in front of the camera. She also appeared in Perfect Pie, for which she received a Genie Awards nomination. Genie Awards are considered Canada’s Oscar and it was a big achievement for McAdams to have been nominated during her debutant year.

McAdams received her first break through from the film, The Mean Girl. McAdams donned the role of a mean teenage girl in a high school. She brought the appropriate meanness to the character, Regina George, and the character was delightfully hated by the audience. Through Mean Girls McAdams proved to the Hollywood world that she was, in fact, oozing with talent. The same year McAdams appeared in the romantic film, The Notebook, opposite Ryan Gosling. McAdams learnt ballet and southern accent to bring grace to the character. The film was well appreciated in the cinemas. McAdams showed her diversity by appearing in the comedy film, The Wedding Crashers. McAdams’ acting was impeccable and soon she was compared with the likes of Julia Roberts. McAdams also appeared in the hit films like Sherlock Homes, Red Eye, The Time Traveler’s Wife. 

At the peak of her career, and after a sad breakup with her beau Ryan Gosling, McAdams took a break from the film industry. At that time, McAdams had heaps of offers for films which later turned out to be blockbusters but, McAdams didn’t discontinue her break. It is rightfully said that talent and hard work don’t go unnoticed and after her break, McAdams had more films offers. She appeared on the romantic movie The Vow, which was based on a true story about a man struggling to bring her wife’s memory back after she had a fatal head injury.

Later, she appeared in To The Wonder, Passion, Aloha, About Time, A Most Wanted Man, Everything Will Be Fine and yet again impressed the film industry with her engaging acting. McAdams has also contracted to appear on HBO’s TV series, True Detective. McAdams will appear on second season of the show which is expected to be aired during late June 2015.

Beside her acting career, McAdams is an environmental activist. She ran a website for four years, along with her five friends, called GreenIsSexy.org. McAdams’s house is powered by renewable energy and she rides bicycle across Toronto. Rachel McAdams has also worked with the charities including Sunshine Foundation of Canada, Alzheimer’s Association, READ Campaign, and United Way of Canada.

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