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It takes a lot of hard work, grit, and determination to reach at the highest level of any field. Persistence and consistency guarantee irrevocable success and that were the qualities that Victoria had. Victoria Pratt was born on December 18, 1970, in Chesley, Ontario. Little did anyone know that this little girl will turn out to be Canada’s rock star. Pratt is gracefully adorning the roles of television and movie actress, author, and fitness model. Pratt has reached at the level where only few could reach. Pratt has been showing her brilliance ever since she was a child.

From an early age, Pratt has traces of tom boy attitude. She loves sport and she excelled in sports at a very young age. Pratt trod on the path to stardom by excelling in running. From running on the roads near her room Pratt quickly turned into a professional athlete runner and grabbed Provincial and National medals in track and field –she won a medal at the 1990 Canadian Track and Field Championships. She also has a blue belt in Shotokan’s Karate and is a keen kick boxer.

Victoria Pratt’s brilliance was not limited to sports only. She was a bright in studies as well. She entered Toronto’s York University and showed her excellence by being on the Dean’s Honor List for all four years. She graduated summa cum laude in Kinesiology. On account of her exceptional performance, Pratt was offered scholarship to the Master’s program in physiotherapy in University of Toronto. Pratt declined the offer and took a job in York University in Human Performance Lab, testing the professional athletes.

With one of her former professors, Pratt co-authored a book on body building and fitness. She happened to meet Robert Kennedy, publisher of MuscleMag, to seek his aid for the book. Kennedy has the eye for the rising stars. He noticed, as he put it, the sparkle in Pratt and advised her to take acting classes. By then Victoria was professional fitness model.

Listening to Kennedy’s advice, Pratt started taking her acting classes at the Actors Network in Toronto. After two years of studies, Pratt was set to enter in the acting world. She managed to get some roles in the movies where she was not credited initially. Her first breakthrough was landing a job as a host in an adventure show, Go For It, on Discovery Channel. Pratt’s charismatic appeal made her likeable among the audience. After wrapping her show as a host, Pratt was fortunate enough to grab a role in a TV series, Once A Thief. What was intended as a one-time guest starring became a regular recurring role for Pratt as Pratt put a lot of efforts in making Jackie Janczyk, her role as a valley girl, loved by the audience.

Pratt had starred in eight episodes of the first season. Pratt was confident and believed in herself. She continued auditioning for grabbing challenging roles. Meanwhile, she visited her friends in Philippines, who were busy shooting for a movie called Legacy. As the luck was on her side, one of the actresses, who was scheduled to play the role of Ding, a news reporter, called off her duty. Pratt happily took the role and worked with the likes of Rod Stieger and David Hasselhoff.

Pratt moved to Los Angeles to help her acting career. After taking numerous auditions, she finally got the role of Cyane, Queen of the Amazon on the hit series Xena: Warrior Princess. Pratt’s role was widely acclaimed by Xena and Victoria fans alike. Her hard work has also given her TV shows like, Cleopatra 2525, Mutant X, and Day Break. She has also successfully bagged the role in a movie, House of the Dead 2. Victoria Pratt’s road to success is under construction and through her brilliance she will continue shining in the hearts of her fans.

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