Famous Canadians

Canada is the proud country of countless great achievers, some of the most influential, widely famous, and globally renowned individuals who are accredited for making remarkably revolutionary developments, progresses and provided beneficial and celebrated services in the fields of architecture, art, literature, astronomy, show business, journalism, engineering, science, business, music and so much more. Even though Canada has one of the smallest populations of the world, it is the homeland of incredibly smart and brilliantly genius minds.

We are thankful to millions of Canadians for their innovative and revolutionary services. For instance, Hollywood and pop music industry has greatly been influenced and enhanced by the presence of Canadians such as  of Bryan Adams, Justin Beiber and Avril Lavigne, who have contributed to the staggering developments to the contemporary singing styles. And while we’re talking about singers, let us also remember the most iconic and famous Canadian singer, Micheal Buble, who was widely celebrated for his trendy beats that made you sway in pleasure.

Similarly, renowned and widely acclaimed Canadian architects David Ewart and John M. Lyle have also made significant and innovative contributions to the modern architecture that have been instrumental to several large-scale and globally adopted developments.

Some other influential and famous Canadians include, Dr. David Suzuki, a notable scientist, activist, and media star; Pierre Berton, the most famous non-fiction author; James Cameron, the famous director of movie “The Titanic”; Alex Trebek, the iconic gameshow host; and Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player ever, and four-time world champion among many others.

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